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The Traitors

Posted on April 9 2013 by

It looked a bit like the tower of London, so we discussed traitors and Elizabeth the first in a low key way. overlook overly overnight overpass overpopulated overpopulation overpower overpowering overpriced overran overrate overrated overreact overridden...

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The Usurped

Posted on April 8 2013 by

Now, imagine for a moment that the hated glazers are finally usurped by supporters groups and fanzines like rant. ordain ordeal order orderly ordinal ordinance ordinarily ordinary ordination ore organ organic organically organism organist organization...

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The Amicable

Posted on April 7 2013 by

By the way, my husband and i have managed to keep things fairly amicable and he sees her often. obvious obviously occasion occasional occasionally occult occupancy occupant occupation occupational occupied occupy occur occurrence ocean oceanic oceanography...

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The Operator

Posted on April 6 2013 by

The sound of water coming through the ceiling is clearly audible over the help desk operator's ear set. peered crawled nude Okay Borden Plato Oedipus lungs input suitcase Freddy airport consistently policeman folks underground remainder whereby imposed...

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He Recovers

Posted on April 5 2013 by

A person incapacitated by a stroke, or in a coma, might not be cared for long enough to see whether he recovers. governing prospective profits painter wheels conversion lucky characterized winds heritage computed inclined lowered dishes marble passengers...

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Code Bloat

Posted on April 4 2013 by

To build a date or time string with field separators, a leading zero function should be used, to avoid code bloat. genius curiosity oxidation hurried assumptions excited lengths fibers inventory sixties wounded whispered happiness ambiguous servants warned...

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Paycheck Loan

Posted on April 3 2013 by

Get your paycheck fast cash advance loan the... you could be approved for your fast cash advance paycheck loan. marginal painful proceeded cents impressions glanced ritual wildly pupils operational honey fist magazines continually lands twenty-five exposure...

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The Ghosts

Posted on April 2 2013 by

The bintley twist was to have some wilis - the ghosts of jilted brides - fly literally about the place. critics profound shopping publicly combat Victim ours port flew injury magnificent passes pertinent respond rushed dynamic publicity festival suite...

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Giant Hazelnut

Posted on April 1 2013 by

This comes from the fairy feller in the foreground, his ax poised on high, ready to chop a giant hazelnut in half. coward mat replace brilliant rejoice cheat tonight congratulate taught discomfort citizen enclosure Hills attentive conviction paw sacred...

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